C&S Savoury Spicy Himalayan Seasoning 140g

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Season liberally on roasted CHICKEN WINGS, pan seared and braised PORK CHOPS OR STEAKS and baked then broiled HALIBUT FILLETS. Include it in your own recipes for soups, stews, sauces, chili, stir fries, rice, vegetables, tacos, and much more.

WE LOVE IT ON: Grilled Skirt Steaks for fajitas and in our guacamole. This seasoning loves to be paired with citrus acids like lemon and lime. It works so well in sauces, rice & noodle stir fry’s, soups, stews and chilies. In our blind testing phase this seasoning had made so many Vegetarians and Vegans happy with its unlimited uses like simple avocado toast sprinkled with the Savory Spicy Himalayan Seasoning.