Mizuno Franchise Catchers Mitt 33.5" GXC90B3

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Shape your glove like the pros with this Mizuno Franchise catcher's mitt for baseball. The Franchise series has grown to be one of the company's most popular designs, and this year's model is better than ever. Mizuno's Franchise gloves are constructed using comfortable, hand-based patterns which set the glove's pocket under the web, letting you shape and use your glove like a pro and catch quick fastballs in the strike zone or sliders in the dirt. This catcher's mitt from Mizuno is made with pre-oiled Java leather which maintains its durability and provides a soft, game-ready feel that's quick to break in. This mitt also features HiLo lacing, which is an alternate lace pattern that retains the integrity of a fully-laced web and provides greater flexibility. This Mizuno Franchise catcher's mitt has a Parashock Plus palm pad that helps reduce the sting of a hard-thrown fastball and deadens the ball upon impact so you can squeeze it shut for strike three. This glove lets catchers stay comfortable behind the plate thanks to its MZO lining, which helps disperse sweat and perspiration away from the skin. Mizuno: Crafted by Athletes. Designed to Win